What is the Useful Science Initiative?

The Useful Science Initiative is a new non-profit organization that will help geographers and Earth scientists to rewrite their research in formats that non-expert stakeholders can understand and make full use of.

Useful Science publications will be jargon-free, with a clear explanation of what the research means for stakeholders. All our publications will be free to download.

The USI will also provide a communications hub to help stakeholders and scientists work together.



Our pilot project: Central American volcanoes

Because we are a very new organization, we will begin by running a small-scale pilot project. During this pilot, we will build our full website, develop editorial procedures, establish collaborative relationships with other organizations, recruit members and authors, and assess various funding options.

We will also produce our first publications, which will help us see how authors engage with the USI and how we can best serve stakeholders. To help us build a viable, efficient framework, our pilot project will focus on just one small area of natural hazards science: Central American volcanology.

If you have a particular interest in Central American volcanoes, as a stakeholder or a scientist, we would love to hear from you. Ask questions, get involved, or tell us what you think: just email usi@useful-science.org.

Of course, we want to widen our focus to include other areas of natural hazards and Earth science as soon as possible. If you would like any information about our expansion plans, or if you would like to build a relationship with us ahead of our expansion, please do get in touch.



Keep in touch with us

This is a temporary website - the full version is under construction. You can follow our progress, or get in touch, via Facebook or Twitter.

Setting up a new non-profit organization isn't easy, and it isn't boring! We are writing all about our trials and triumphs in our blog, Useful Science & I. Your comments are welcome!